Campfire Firestarters Reclosable Bag

campfire-bagsOur Campfire Starter bags are convenient not just for your customers but for you as well. Each bag contains 12 firestarter cups and comes ready to hang in your displays with a hanger hole. Each bag also has a reclosable top for easy storing.

Our campfire firestarter cups are made from an assortment of environmentally friendly specialty waxes, are easy to use and work every time. Each bag of firestarters cups was designed with ease of use in mind. Our Special Campers Packaging contains two Reclosable water resistant pouches each holding six 1.5 oz. firestarter cups. Simply place a FireStarter cup under your firewood and light the rim of the paper cup. It could not be any simpler. No kindling required.

$6.98 x 18 = 125.64
$2.96 x 18 = 53.26 (Your Cost)
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