Why Buy Recycled Candle Wax?

Keeping it in the loop and out of the landfill!

When you throw away half used candles and unused wax products they most likely end up in a land fill. However when your waxes like so many other re-usable products go into a recycling bin, you take the first step of the many steps in the recycling process. Those objects still need to be turned into new products and must be purchased by people in order to really close the recycling loop. The arrows below begin to describe the recycling loop, or continuous cycle. By using recycled content products, you are “closing the loop,” or completing the circle. Making a disposable product useful again or adding a recycled component to a new product.

recycled wax flow chart

Once we collect the various wax intended for recycling, we separate them by color, fragrance, types and densities. Depending on their end use market we process, filter and package the waxes for the market and intended end use.  Application and use of for re-cycled wax. Fire starters, Fireplace log binder, Fragranced and un fragrances candles, casting wax, machinable wax, sculpting wax and many other applications.  When you buy a product with recycle content you are creating demand for that product ensuring that you become part of the effort needed to reduce the strain our natural resources.

Sustain local recycling collection programs by buying products that are reused, rebuilt, reconditioned, or remanufactured is a great objective. Of course not all recycling is done in factories and ends up on retail shelves. Many resourceful manufacturers, artists and crafters are able to close the loop themselves, by directly reusing and recycling products into something “new”, fun, and recycled! We try to become part of the solution in reducing the need to use of expand landfills by providing outstanding recycled wax to outstanding individuals and companies throughout North America.

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